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Thermal Imaging and Night Vision

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Thermal Imaging and Night Vision

Thermal Imaging and Night Vision 
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MSA 10145771 - Vehicle Kit

Vehicle Kit

Items #: MSA 10145771

Vehicle Kit

Armasight XLR-IR A-Focal Doubler


An Optional A-Focal Doubler for XLR-IR850 doubles the distance of IR beam for
ultra long-distance observation.
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Armasight XLR-IR850 Detachable X-Long

Items #: ARM ANKIXLR017

Armasight’s extra long-range infrared illuminators provide greater, image-intensified viewing capabilities for operations in little to no ambient light.
Infrared illuminators are used in areas where the level of natural light is not sufficient. An IR illuminator provides near-infrared light, which, although invisible to the naked eye, can greatly enhance the performance of Night Vision devices. The illuminator features adjustments for fieldof-
view divergence and output power. Armasight long-range IR illuminators significantly extend the capabilities of Night Vision weapon sights and observation devices.
The powerful XLR-IR850 model comes standard equipped with a rechargeable battery and charger unit. An Optional A-Focal Doubler for XLR-IR850 doubles the distance of IR beam for ultra long-distance observation.
Our infrared illuminators provide wide-range beam angle adjustment, which drastically improves the performance of the IR illuminator and extends the user’s nighttime visibility range.
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Armasight Vega Night Vision

Items #: ARM NKGVEGA00111I11

If low-cost, high quality head-mounted night vision device is what you need, the Armasight Vega is the best choice. The Generation 1+ Vega comes complete with a head mount (which allows the unit to be positioned over either eye) and it is the perfect in-expensive hands-free option for air soft games, paintball, hunting or security – for these activities at night, the Armasight Vega will give you the edge. A built-in short range IR illuminator allows the Vega to work well even in complete darkness, and an optional Armasight long range infra-red illuminator will dramatically boost viewing range if required. The Armasight Vega features all-glass optics, a single push-button control and rugged reinforced composite housing.
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Armasight CO-LR HD MG Night Vision

Items #: ARM NSCCOLR00129DH1

The Armasight CO-LR (Clip On – Long Range) is a night vision unit that mounts in front of an existing day scope, and converts the day scope to night vision capability up to ranges of 1000 yards. Suitable for use with most commercial and military specification day time sights, telescopes or binoculars (up to 12X magnification), the CO-LR can be mounted/dismounted on a standard Picatinny rail in seconds, and with no tools required. Because the CO-LR is mounted in front of your own day scope, the shooters eye relief is not altered, and shot release and follow through all remain intuitive – because the unit is factory bore-sighted to better than 1MOA accuracy, no alteration in zero is experienced, so it really is as simple as mount-focus-shoot, just as in day time.

The Armasight CO-LR is intended primarily for use by the most demanding hunter or long range target shooter, but with a build quality that makes it capable of so much more -its MIL-STD-810 housing is designed to take just about anything the great outdoors can throw at it. The CO-LR is packed with innovative features like variable gain control, bright light shut-off, wireless remote control. This night vision clip on is designed to make long range night shooting just as easy and accurate as shooting over the same terrain during daylight hours with your day scope alone.

Whether your day scope is a well known brand or not, the Armasight CO-LR will work just as well at magnifications anywhere from 3X to 12X. The Armasight CO-LR is available in a variety of high performing Gen 2+ and Gen 3 image tube options to cater for all budgets; the CO-LR brings very high quality clip-on night vision within everyone’s reach.
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Armasight CO-MR HD Night Vision

Items #: ARM NSCCOMR00123DH1

Recommended for use with day riflecopes of 6x-7x, the Armasight CO-MR 2nd Gen HD Night Vision Riflescope Clip On is a night vision device that can be attached to a rifle scope or other optic and is designed to assist in night observing and target acquisition. It can be wirelessly operated and features a 2nd generation intensifier tube. The Armasight second generation intensifier tube technology incorporates a microchannel plate, multi-alkaline photocathode, built-in power supply, and 18 mm format screen, which improve reliability, image brightness, and quality compared to first generation devices. The High Definition (HD) feature offers green images and resolution of 55 - 72 lp/mm. To extend the life of the intensifier tube and to protect it from overexposure to bright light or accidental turn-on during daylight, the device is equipped the Bright Light Cut-off function.

The CO-MR, when attached to a rifle scope, eliminates the requirement of removing your existing day scope from your rifle, to replace it with a dedicated night vision sight, which would also involve re-zeroing. The CO-MR simply mounts in front of your own standard day optical sight and is factory bore-sighted to tolerances of less than 1 MOA. This allows the user to maintain consistent eye relief and shooting position.

A wireless remote control unit can be placed anywhere on the weapon, allowing activation of the CO-MR. The Armasight CO-MR is equipped with a quick-disconnect mounting system which provides the user with an easy and quick way to attach or detach the unit.
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Armasight CO-MR 3P Night Vision

Items #: ARM NSCCOMR001P3DA1

The ARMASIGHT CO-MR GEN 3P Day & Night Vision Clip-On System is an advanced night vision clip-on system for shooting at night over the middle distance.

The CO-MR (Clip On – Medium Range) system converts your existing day scope into a night vision one and provides superior target acquisition and aiming capabilities for the demanding sports shooter, varmint hunter, or military, law enforcement, or security personnel.

The CO-MR system eliminates the traditional requirement of removing your existing day scope from your rifle and replacing it with a dedicated night vision sight (which would also involve re-zeroing). The CO-MR system simply mounts in front of your own standard day optical sight.

It is factory bore-sighted to tolerances of less than 1 MOA and hence no re-zeroing is required. The CO-MR system allows the user to maintain consistent eye relief and shooting position, and because the user views his or her own day scope reticle (which he / she is familiar with), no re-training is required. A wireless remote control unit can be placed anywhere on the user’s weapon that is convenient, allowing activation of the CO-MR system quickly and with no fuss.

This clip-on system is recommended for use with day scopes of up to 6 to 7x magnification. It is equipped with a locking (but quick-disconnect) mounting system that provides the user with an easy and quick way to attach / detach the CO-MR system on a standard weaver or Picatinny rail.
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Armasight Nyx-7 ID Night Vision Goggle

Items #: ARM NSGNYX70012GDI1

The Armasight Nyx-7 ID is the bi-ocular night vision goggles built around high grade image intensifier tubes. They are an exceptional choice for hands-free use. Built with high grade optics and simple, reliable electronics, the Nyx-7 ID provides bright and clear night vision images, even in the most trying conditions. This unit includes a built-in IR light source for reading maps or basic, short-range illumination in complete darkness. The Armasight Nyx-7 ID is available with a variety of accessories such as 3X, 5X, and 8X magnification lenses for mid-long range viewing, head or helmet mounts for hands-free operation, and additional, high-powered IR illuminators for long-range use. The Armasight Nyx-7 ID is equipped with a high-performance Improved Definition Gen 2+ tube which provides resolution of 47-54 lp/mm. Water-resistant, rugged, light and compact, the Nyx-7 ID is the perfect hands free unit for a variety of tough operations.
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Armasight Nyx-7 PRO HD Night Vision

Items #: ARM NSGNYX7P0123DH1

The Nyx-7 PRO Gen 2+ HD Night Vision Bi-Ocular from Armasight is a generation 2+ NVD capable of up to 72 lp/mm resolution. The Armasight PRO Gen 2+ HD multi-alkali photocathode's performance approximates a 3rd generation image intensifier tube; it also features Automatic Brightness Control, which continuously adjusts image brightness to optimize the displayed image quality. The Nxy-7 PRO also features a bright-light cutoff and LED battery power indicators displayed in the screen of the eyepeice. This night vision bi-ocular is head or helmet mountable with an included flip-up head mount or optional universal helmet mount.

A 27mm f/1.2 lens system displays a 40° field of view, making the Nyx-7 PRO Gen 2+ HD bi-ocular ideal for many viewing tasks. The bi-ocular configuration is designed to allow the user to keep both eyes open for more comfortable long-duration viewing. Combined with a built-in IR illuminator and weather-resistant housing, this bi-ocular is well-equipped for observations - low light or no light, indoor or outdoor.
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Armasight Nyx-7 PRO3 Alpha Night Vision

Items #: ARM NSGNYX7P0133DA1

The Armasight Nyx-7 PRO 3 Alpha is an extremely rugged but compact bi-ocular night vision goggle. Built with the highest grade optics and simple, reliable electronics, the Nyx-7 PRO 3 Alpha provides clear, bright nighttime images under even the most trying conditions. For hands-free use, it can be worn on the included flip-up head mount or optional universal helmet mount, both of which have a built-in mechanism that will automatically turn the unit off when it is flipped up. The Armasight Nyx-7 PRO 3 Alpha is equipped with built-in infrared illuminator that allows the user to operate in total darkness. It also has a high-light cut-off feature that protects the image tube from bright light sources, as well as a flip-up shut-off feature that activates when used with the optional helmet mount assembly. The Nyx-7 PRO 3 Alpha is equipped with LED indicators that are displayed on the screen of the eyepiece to alert the user of a low battery or that the IR is turned on. The Armasight Nyx-7 PRO 3 Alpha can also be utilized as an excellent long-range viewer with optional 3X A-focal, 5X, and 8X magnifier lenses. The CR123/AA adapter is built into the battery compartment and requires only a single 3V CR123 or 1.5V AA battery for hours of night vision operation. The Armasight Nyx-7 PRO 3 Alpha is equipped with a high-performance Gen 3 Alpha IIT providing resolution of 64-72 lp/mm. Waterproof, rugged, lightweight and compact, the Armasight Nyx-7 PRO 3 Alpha is the perfect hands-free unit for users ranging from the casual civilian to even the most demanding military and law enforcement professional.
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ARM PLTARI3+236003 - Aries III A 10x12 NIJ0101.06

Aries III A 10x12 NIJ0101.06

Items #: ARM PLTARI3+236003

Aries III A 10x12 NIJ0101.06
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Armasight Q14 TIMM 336 (60Hz) –

Items #: ARM TAQ176WN6Q14001

Armasight is proud to introduce the Q14 TIMM 336 (60Hz) Long-wave Infrared Multifunctional Thermal Imaging
Monocular (LIMTIM) representing the latest evolution in our never-ceasing quest to reduce size,
weight, and power (SWaP) while maximizing the number of available features and functions.
The LIMTIM’s remarkably compact size ensures that it can be concealed in a shirt pocket, and its
featherweight mass at 240g (with battery) makes it the lightest, fully multi-functional thermal
imager currently on the market. The LIMTIM has a wide range of features incorporated into
the unit that put it at the forefront of all other miniature thermal imagers in its class. It can
be equipped with either a visible or near-IR laser pointer, intended for handing off targets of
interest to non-thermal equipped assets in the field. It has two integral rail mounts so that it is
not necessary to disengage the head/ helmet mount interface in order to mount the unit on a
weapon as a stand-alone short-range weapon sight. The mini-rail design allows for mounting on
a wide variety of in-service head mounts, helmet mounts, reflex cameras, digital video recorders,
and a MIL-STD-1913 weapon rail systems using the optional quick-release interfaces. The minirails
are non-invasive, making handheld operation comfortable and ergonomically optimized
for the operator’s hands, whether or not they’re wearing NOMEX gloves. Equipped with digital
compass and inclinometer, the Q14 LIMTIM offers the operator the tools necessary to interpolate
accurate distance to target and target orientation.
An additional Armasight proprietary hyper-image processing (HIP) code provides the LIMTIM
with a robust library of software features to tailor the image to the optimum standards required
by the operator. These features include direct button functions such as display brightness,
palette selection, electronic zoom, and manual, non-uniformity correction (NUC) using a simple,
intuitive three-button keypad. Menu driven features incorporate desirable operator-specific
adjustments such as palette selection, reticule selection and color, weapon boresight, scenerelated
imaging corrections, stored rifle caliber profiles, format selection, compass calibration
sequence, and a “factory settings” default option. The wireless remote capability and Bluetooth©
features prevent the Q14 LIMTIM from becoming obsolete, even as new applications and
software reach the market. The nine-pin connector on the Q14 reveals the dynamic nature of
this mite-sized powerhouse. Through the multi-pin connector, the operator can record video
using the Armasight Digital Video Recorder (DVR), augment the battery life by attaching to
external battery options, inject target range data from an externally mounted Armasight laser
rangefinder and update/ upload new software revision and applications from personal accounts
associated with the Armasight customer access web sites.
The Q14 LIMTIM is designed from inception to be waterproof up to 20 meters, and meet all the
established environmental requirements of MIL-STD-810(G).
Operating off a variety of 123A format commercial expendable and rechargeable batteries, the
Q14 LIMTIM offers a respectable 1+ hours run time for the 640x512 focal plane array format.
With a diopter range of -5 to +5 diopters and a focus range of 20cm to infinity, the LIMTIM
demonstrates its operational flexibility for all mission applications.
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