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Thermal Imaging and Night Vision

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  • 1 x CR123A Lithium 3V up to 58 hours x

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Thermal Imaging and Night Vision

Thermal Imaging and Night Vision 
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Armasight Vega Night Vision

Items #: ARM NKGVEGA00111I11

If low-cost, high quality head-mounted night vision device is what you need, the Armasight Vega is the best choice. The Generation 1+ Vega comes complete with a head mount (which allows the unit to be positioned over either eye) and it is the perfect in-expensive hands-free option for air soft games, paintball, hunting or security – for these activities at night, the Armasight Vega will give you the edge. A built-in short range IR illuminator allows the Vega to work well even in complete darkness, and an optional Armasight long range infra-red illuminator will dramatically boost viewing range if required. The Armasight Vega features all-glass optics, a single push-button control and rugged reinforced composite housing.
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