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Thermal Imaging and Night Vision

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Thermal Imaging and Night Vision

Thermal Imaging and Night Vision 
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Armasight N-15 HD  Night Vision

Armasight N-15 HD Night Vision

Items #: ARM NSGN15000126DH1

The lightweight, durable, and waterproof N-15 2nd Gen High Definition (HD) Night Vision Binocular with Headgearfrom Armasight is a versatile 2nd generation night vision device that can be used handheld or mounted on the included headgear and features stereoscopic viewing. The Armasight second generation intensifier tube technology incorporates a microchannel plate, multi-alkaline photocathode, built-in power supply, and 18 mm format screen, which improve reliability, image brightness, and quality compared to first generation devices. High Definition (HD) feature offers green images and resolution of 55-72 lp/mm. To protect the tube from damage and your eyes from flash blindness due to sudden flash of bright light, the tubes have a bright light cut-off function that will shut down the intensifier tube. If there is not enough natural infrared and your targets appear too dark and with little detail, the built-in infrared illuminator will provide additional illumination and help improve visibility even in complete darkness. The 1x optical system offers a wide angular field of view, a 0.8' minimum focus distance, and can be upgraded to 3x with included lens kit. Additionally, the device has an auto shut-off function and low a battery indicator. The composite housing is waterproof, lightweight, durable, and provides protection from adverse conditions and extreme temperatures. It is contoured and has ergonomic controls, knurled adjustment rings, and wide rubberized winged eyecups.
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