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Air Purifying Respirator (APR, PAPR)

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Air Purifying Respirators (APR, PAPR) | Safeware Inc.

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Pureflow 3000 PAPR, Open Frame, TychemQC

Items #: ISP PF3000-F6NA-03

Innovative all-in-one head, face, and respiratory protection with enhanced comfort and performance. The PureFlo 3000 PAPR is the new breed of industry leading all-in-one NIOSH approved air-purifying protection systems. Our next evolution of all-in-one respiratory, eye/face and head protection is lighter weight with a lower profile. Enhanced features for maximum mobility and simplified use make it ideal in light­-duty pharmaceutical and laboratory cleanroom environments for protection against respiratory hazard particulates. Available with Tychem face seal, respiratory drawstring hood or disposable slipover hood for enhanced splash protection.