Body Armor For Law Enforcement

Safeware has a generous selection of body armor designed for close quarter combative and public order. We stock a variety of body armor that meets the standards of today’s threats and concerns when it comes to maintaining public order. Our body armor is manufactured with fire retardant capabilities and meets the standards of the UK Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology. We provide bodysuits that are intricately designed with a system of layers to repel chemical burns and spill-offs while preventing overheating and exhaustion along with other dangers. Our inventory of fire retardant, base layers includes a one size balaclava, Johnnies 2 Long John Bottoms, Python-Elite Long Sleeve Crew Neck Shirt, and Stamina Boot Socks. The socks, long johns and shirt all have a blend of Merino Wool, a more refined, flame retardant, silky fiber that will insulate the body in cool weather. It also acts as an air-conditioning system that keeps the body temperature down from overheating. We also have a 2-piece body suit to accommodate female officers. Our outer garments come in men and women fit in the style of jacket and pants that combine with one another to form one complete suit that overlaps another preventing any chemicals from seeping in from the wrist, waist, or neck. Sizes are available in SM to 5X.


Scorpion Body Armor

Equip your officers with top-level armor that is lightweight and ergonomically designed to protect specific areas of the body. The Scorpion Body Armor offers protection to the chest and back, shoulder and upper arms, forearm and elbow guards, thighs, shin, knee and metatarsals.