Less Lethal

In most trainings, prospective police and security guards are taught to use levels of force that are appropriate for the circumstances. Starting with verbal commands when dealing with someone who is behaving suspiciously, escalating to soft empty-hand, which, according to a study based on statistics from three police departments published in 2010, increased the odds of officer injury by 160%.

Note that nonlethal equipment, however, reduced officer injury across the board, giving a strong incentive for their purchase and use.

At Safeware Inc we have a variety of nonlethal weapons for sale used in crowd control or day-to-day law enforcement and security operations.

Types of Less Lethal Weapons For Sale

Pepper spray
Beanbag guns
Rubber bullets
Distraction devices, such as aerosol grenade foggers.

Product features and accessories include: foam-based batons, auto lock features, expandable, power safety tip, Taser holsters, etc.