Body Cameras

Body cameras are now almost standard for law enforcement in larger cities. They are also known as worn video, wearable cameras and Portable Digital Recording Devices. Important to note about a camera on the torso is that the video is naturally from a first-person perspective.

The cameras can be pre-programmed with various preferences to automatically send video via wireless systems to the patrol car and from there to a database, single-record switch to start recording, or even to switch on automatically when the agent activates emergency lights so that the agent doesn’t even have to remember to turn on the camera.

The cameras are lightweight and non-obstructive and can record in varying resolutions, as well as in low lighting.

Other programmable features are pre-event recording, GPS coordinates automatic, audio mute and bookmarking.amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus leo ante, consectetur sit amet vulputate vel, dapibus sit amet lectus.