Eyewash and Shower Equipment

Eyewash and Shower Equipment 
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AXION MSR Combination eye/face wash

Items #: HAW 8320CRP

Eyewash streams provide zero vertical velocity stream engineering with even laminar flow for enhanced comfort, stability and effectiveness AXION MSR ABS plastic drench showerhead with flow control delivers dispersed flow for uniform drenching Also features a stainless steel push flag for eyewash activation, stainless steel pull rod for shower activation, mesh in-line eyewash strainer to collect line debris, and ball valves with stainless steel ball and stem for durability Pipe and fitting: 1-1/4" Schedule 40 hot-dipped galvanized steel with green corrosion resistant epoxy coating. Supply and Waste: 1-1/4" IPS
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AXION MSR Recessed, barrier-free,

Items #: HAW 8356WCW

Hydrodynamic designed stainless steel wall mounted showerhead Easy access exterior mounted in-line strainer One piece drain tray catches waste fluid during eyewash use 18 Gauge Type 304 Stainless Steel recessed cabinet is a deep-drawn heavy duty structure with smudge resistant bead blast finish Reducing installation time, eyewash and valve assembly are pre-built and fully water/pressure tested
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Body spray hose, wall mounted

Items #: HAW 8901B

Dust cover allows for the spray head to stay protected from debris when not in use Requires minimal maintenance and is equipped with test card to record weekly testing 8 foot (243.8 cm) swivel hose provides an extended coverage area to further optimize the irrigation process In order to comply with state codes the use of a vacuum breaker is required with all hand held body spray units (Haws offers model SP212) Per ANSI, "Hand held drench hoses provide support for emergency shower and eyewash units, but shall not replace them."
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Alarm and light attachment, 1/2in

Items #: HAW 9001.5

Model 9001.5 emergency alarm and light system features an amber flashing light and 90 db at 10 feet (304.8 cm), buzzer that is operated by a 1/2" NPT double pole, double throw flow switch. Unit is activated when the emergency eyewash is in operation. Switch will activate at 1.5 gpm (3.8 L). System can be mounted to pipe or wall. Unit is recommended to be installed where all eyewashes are installed in a remote or noisy location where user is unable to summon help. Voltage: 120 VAC, 50 or 60 cycles. Supply: 1/2" IPS. This alarm contains multiple sets of contacts for remote activation alarm sites. Model 9001.5 is CSA electrical certified, TYPE 4. (Nema 4 equivalent) TYPE 4X is also available. Contact Haws for additional information.
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Test Kit for Drench Shower

Items #: HAW 9010

Model 9010 shower test kit affords periodic shower testing with ease. The kit includes an upper corrosion resistant ring to encircle the shower head and tunnel shaped yellow Tyvek waterproof tube to guide the water column to model 9009 waster water container, or drain. Holding rod can be used as a handle for ease of testing by user.
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Plastic eyewash gauges (Quantity of 6)

Items #: HAW 9015

Model 9015 eyewash gauge allows for easy testing of eyewashes per ANSI Standard Z358.1. Directions are in black on the clear Acrylic. Model 9015 also serves as a 6" (15 cm) ruler.
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3-sided sign for combination units

Items #: HAW 9020

Model 9020 ABS plastic 3-sided sign is for use on Haws combination shower and eyewash units. This large yellow ABS plastic sign with Safety Green printed stripes is visible from multiple directions. Features universal pictorial of an emergency shower and eyewash. It can be mounted on a wall for 2 way visibility, or on a shower upright for 3 sided visibility.
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Dust cover for SP10, SP11, SP11FC, SP18

Items #: HAW 9095(PAIR)

Model 9095 Dust Cover is for use on all Haws Non-Portable Eyewash Units that feature the SP10, SP11, SP11FC or SP18 Soft-Flo heads. It keeps eyewash heads from contamination when not in use. The Safety Green polyethylene plastic cover with integral retainer strap automatically removes when water is turned on. Sold in pairs.
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Thermal protection jacket for the 7500

Items #: HAW 9125

Model 9125 is a thermal protection jacket. Recommended for areas where extreme heat or sunlight might cause water to overheat.
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Tempered water blending system,

Items #: HAW 9201EFE

A flow rate of 1 to 12 gpm (3.8 to 45.4 L) for better temperature control across the operating range AXION's superior design and technology provide a complete safety solution for increased victim comfort. Lowest internal pressure drop for this class of valve (advantage where supply pressure is low) Wax based thermostat technology for fast response time with proven highly reliable temperature control Highest Cold Water Bypass flow rate in the industry (83% of rated tepid flow rate) Modular brass design with internal check stops Over-sized valve seats resist failures caused by foreign matter A new and efficient shuttle design eliminates valve sticking A custom funnel design improves temperature control at low flow rates Outlet temperature is factory set to 85° F (29° C). Tempered water: High temperature limit is factory set to 90° F (32° C). Cold water by-pass valves are closed during normal operation, regardless of flow rate.
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Back panel, stainless steel, satin, 1001

Items #: HAW BP6

Model BP6 is a versatile and decorative back panel that increases location visibility of the fountain and also helps protect wall from inadvertent splash. Model BP6 is 15" x 9" (38 x 23) stainless steel with a satin finish.
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Back panel, high polish stainless steel

Items #: HAW BP6HPS

Model BP6HPS is a versatile and decorative back panel that increases location visibility of the fountain and also helps protect wall from inadvertent splash. It is a 15" x 9" (38 x 23) high-polished stainless steel panel.
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