Law Enforcement Equipment

Arm your team with a selection of over 52 pieces of body armor that meet the requirements of the UK Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology. Safeware stocks the type of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) needed for any type of crowd control situation. Customize your own duty gear and holster with accessories that will securely hold all of necessary equipment needed for crowd control for any level. Keep all of your tactical equipment securely in place with our duty gear specifically designed to hold tight to the body for fast-paced situations. Our Less Lethal equipment is an excellent substitution for firearms to prevent deadly casualties, yet still enforce order. Our selection of Less Lethal equipment includes expandable batons, foam baton round, bean bag rounds, rubber fin stabilized rounds, one-handed targeting system and more.  Safeware also has a large supply of equipment and supplies to establish communication systems anywhere. Shop for carrying packs, adaptor and tripod kits, megaphone, spare batteries, and remote electronics. Choose from a selection of radar and lidar equipment designed for motorcycles and squad cars. Get your state of the art body camera where your agency can adjust the resolution that best meets their needs and is also designed for simple operations.