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Water Coolers, Portable Coolers and Beverages

Water Coolers, Portable Coolers and Beverages 
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Wall Mount ADA Filtered Water Cooler

Items #: HAW 1211SF

Model 1211SF, filtered, stainless steel wall-mount ADA water cooler with bottle filler features an electronic bubbler valve and push bar assembly, and sensor operated bottle filler. SMART ENERGY SAVINGS MODE Energy saving feature allows unit to power off the refrigeration system after 60 minutes of non-use and dark ambient light conditions. Unit will automatically start back up next time unit is used or lights are turned back on. PROGRAMMABLE FEATURES Program your cooler to be in off mode during planned facility shut downs, change the settings on the digital readout for bright or dim display, adjust sensor range, and review settings and error codes. MODERN INNOVATIVE DESIGN Modern, innovative design with stainless steel finish gives a sleek look and feel to high-end architectural spaces and lobbies. UNIVERSAL MOUNTING Specially designed internal configuration allows for mounting over existing competitors rough-ins. BUBBLER HEAD Bubbler features a flexible antimicrobial mouth guard to protect against injury and microorganisms. Anti-rotational design prevents unwanted attempts to remove or rotate the head. ELECTRONIC DISPLAY Intuitive LED electronic display educates users when the bottle filler is activated, when the water is being filtered and how many plastic bottles have been saved. FRESH FILTERED WATER Always fresh, filtered water - 3000-gallon (11,356 L) capacity, Electronic Lifecycle Control filter cartridge will shut off water flow when capacity is reached. To ensure fresh, filtered water, flow will only start again when filter is changed. LED readout on bottle filler will notify user when capacity of filter is less than 10% remaining or expired. BOTTLE FILLER Quick fill sensor-operated bottle filler is accessible to all users, has LED lighting to illuminate the fill area, and an integral basin that drains directly to the waste. Model 1211SF indoor wall-mount ADA stainless steel filtered water cooler and bottle filling station shall include an ASHRAE compliant, hermetically sealed R-134a refrigeration system with adjustable thermostat. Unit features a unique, modern design with stainless steel outer shell. Energy savings feature powers down refrigeration system after 60 minutes of non-use and the lights shut off, and will automatically start again when used. The unit can also be programmed to shut down during planned facility closures, weekends, etc. Digital LED interface keeps user appraised of programming and error codes. The 3000-gallon (11,356 L) filter with Electronic Lifecycle Control turns water off when capacity is reached. Flow will begin again when new filter is installed. Bottle filler basin drains directly to the units waste. The system includes an electronic front push bar controlled solenoid valve, and a .45 gpm self-regulating, anti-rotational bubbler head with flexible antimicrobial mouth guard, bottle filler auto purge every 24 hours, instantaneous tankless water cooler for consistent cool water, and LED illuminated bottle fill area. 115 Volts, 60Hz, rated watts: 350, full load amps: 5. Dimensions: (L x W x H) 18-3/4 x 15-11/16 x 40-3/4"
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