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Biomeme - CBRN Mobile Testing

Originally developed for the US Government, Biomeme's lab quality technology empowers anyone, anywhere to perform real-time surveillance and field-forward detection.

Originally developed for the US Government, Biomeme's Franklin™ ISP thermocycler and ISP test cartridges provide you with a field-forward, lightweight, hand-held, internal battery-powered, small footprint packable, decentralized molecular lab with integrated sample prep enabling multiplex real-time target detection and differentiation any place, any time. Available for your CBRN, Human Diagnostic, Industrial Hygiene, Vector Surveillance, and Environmental Health CONOPS.

Biomeme's fully automated mobile lab offers end-to-end solutions for advanced DNA/RNA detection, real-time surveillance, and field-forward detection, so you can maintain CBRN readiness in any clime or place.

Learn how our system can rapidly detect and differentiate between CBRN agents to protect against biosecurity concerns.


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Our versatile, easy-to-use products and platforms rapidly detect biosecurity concerns, providing real-time target confirmatory identification that you can trust every time.


Listeria & Salmonella

E. coli

E. faecalis panel


STI Panel 2.0

Respiratory Panel 2.0

Biowarfare Agent Identification

Host Response Bacterial / Viral


Unleash the Potential of One Health

Precise. Sensitive. Utterly reliable. Our Franklin qPCR thermocycler puts the power of One Health in your hands.

The size of a Bluetooth speaker and only 2.65 lbs—compact, lightweight, and optimized for a full day of research in the lab or in the field.

Multiplex real-time detection of up to 27 targets from 1 sample, or simultaneously test 3 samples for up to 9 targets each, or 9 samples for up to 3 targets each.

Works seamlessly with Biomeme's pre-aliquoted, shelf-stable, lyophilized Go-Strips™ that don't require refrigeration or wet reagent mixing. Or run your own wet assays in empty Go-Strips™.

Securely pair to your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), to run, monitor, and analyze your experiments on or offline, quickly interpret test results, and conveniently sync or send data. USB serial connection also available.

Take your lab anywhere. With its internal rechargeable battery and solar to DC converter compatibility, the Franklin can perform testing in the field or continue running uninterrupted during a sudden power failure.

Biomeme - Franklin

Franklin ISP

Lab-quality results in minutes

Advanced detection has never been so easy. Franklin® ISP is a space-saving, time-saving thermocycler that features automated, integrated sample prep for real-time analysis and reliable results.

A hassle-free, efficient solution for integrated extraction and purification of DNA or RNA from multiple specimen types. Add your sample and let the system do the rest.

The system enables real-time PCR or isothermal detection of up to 27 targets from 1 sample.

The system runs fully automated, single-use, shelf-stable ISP Cartridges that include all required nucleic acid extraction and purification buffers as well as lyophilized molecular assays.

Small footprint and only 4.3 lbs allowing you to perform accurate and precise testing without having to worry about finding adequate space.

Securely connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), enabling a smooth testing experience from start to finish via our intuitive mobile app. USB serial connection also available.

Biomeme - Franklin ISP
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