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Cellblock Fire Containment Systems

Innovative Fire Suppression Solutions for a Battery-Powered World.

CellBlock FCS introduced itself to the market in response to growing safety risks associated with lithium-ion batteries and the rapidly increasing demand and consumption of energy storage as a whole. The major component of our fire containment product line is CellBlockEX, an engineered dry loose-fill packaging filler that is revolutionizing the way the world safely handles, transports, and stores lithium-ion batteries and other dangerous goods. This environmentally-friendly granulate offers industries that utilize and ship various types of energy storage a low-cost solution with valuable safety implications.

What began as an answer to inflight fires in the airline industry, has grown into a comprehensive line of products including UN packaging, DOT SP packaging, personal protective equipment, and custom storage and transport solutions. Our team of safety consultants and experts provide premier customer service and product support. The CellBlock brand is trusted worldwide by airline crews, mining companies, battery recyclers, technology labs, hospital staff, transportation professionals, and more.

CellBlock Lithium-Ion Battery Incident Kit - LIBIK


The LIBIK Kit was designed to be the perfect supplemental kit, enabling safe handling of a battery fire event while waiting for reinforcements to bring additional LIBIK tools. In the event of a lithium-ion battery fire or an overheating device, these core fire suppression tools are capable of neutralizing danger on the spot. Keep at the ready in the office, toss in the truck of a car, or install near your standard fire extinguishing equipment.

Part Numbers:
Full Kit
CellBlock - High Heat Gloves

High Heat Gloves

CellBlock High Heat Gloves are assembled using composite textiles made to withstand extreme heat specifically. They were designed to protect firefighters when handling a lithium-ion battery fire, but they can be employed in virtually any situation where heat resistance and flame protection is necessary, such as construction or welding. One size fits most.

Part Numbers:
Heat Gloves
CBK Gloves
CellBlock - PED-Pads

PED-Pad Fire Suppression Pillow

The PED-Pad pillow can be placed over a compromised PED (Personal Electronic Device) in the event of a thermal runaway. The inner CellBlockEX loose-fill will be released, smothering the burning object, extinguishing the fire and consuming smoke and fumes.

Part Numbers:
12"x 12"
16" x 16"
CellBlock - Fire Shield Blanket

Fire Shield Blanket

This is our standard Fire Shield Blanket and is appropriate for consumer devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops. The top blue layer is a fire-resistant Kevlar blend that helps to contain the smoke and flames, while the bottom black felt layer actively disperses heat.

Part Numbers:
30" x 30"

CellBlockEX Fire Suppressant

CellBlockEX is the environmentally-friendly, mineral-based extinguishing agent used for fire fighting and prevention of problematic fires such as metal fires, lithium-ion battery fires, and combustible liquids. It is composed of non-crystalline glass granulates; these small, lightweight spheres consist of recycled glass with tiny pores on the inside. CellBlockEX is a TRUE BLUE Class-D Shipping Solution.

Part Numbers:
55L Bag
CellBlock - CellBlockEX HazMat Drum

CellBlockEX HazMat Drum

CellBlock FCS steel drums represent a best-practice method for transporting used, spent, damaged and prototype batteries. Lined with CellBlockEX loose-fill in the perimeter and the base, these provide a higher level of safety than standard drums in Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR).

Part Numbers:
30 Gal Drum
CellBlock - Drum Diagram


  • Lid with pressure vents
  • Steel outer drum
  • Perimeter and base lined with CellBlockEX dry fire suppressant media
  • Aluminum liner is perforated for venting
  • Approved by the Department of Transportation for shipping batteries


  • Best practice method for transporting used, spent and damaged batteries
  • Provides a higher level of safety than standard drums in Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR)
  • Can be used for both transport and storage
  • Reusable

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