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Lakeland Protective Clothing
Lakeland Industries

Protective Clothing

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Lakelnad Industries Protective Clothing

Lakeland offers protective clothing and hi-viz apparel for workers in a number of industries.

At Lakeland Industries, our number one priority is creating protective garments that protect your people from fire, hazardous chemicals, and diseases, throughout the world.

Lakeland designs and manufactures a wide variety of technologically advanced protective clothing for workers in a number of industries in which hazardous materials must be handled, including: Chemical and Petrochemical, Fire Service, Cleanroom, Gas and Electric Utilities, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Automotive, Wind Energy, and more.



laboratory clothing


medical and EMS protective clothing


industrial clothing


fire and hazmat

Fire, Rescue & HazMat

road safety

Road Safety

Lakeland Arc Vest

FR/ARC Hi-Viz Vest
Mesh Modacrylic Hi-Viz Adjustable-Side Vest

FR/ARC Rated Hi-Viz Vest in Breathable Modacrylic Mesh Fabric Hi-Viz with Contrasting Piping for Added Visibility

  • Non-conductive zipper closure
  • Snap adjustable sleeves
  • Orange contrasting binding
  • 2 in silver reflective trim

Part Numbers:
SAF 99095
Lakeland Pyrolon Plus 2

Pyrolon Plus 2
Thermally Protective and Arc Rated Clothing

Pyrolon® Plus 2 comes with all the essential features, distinct advantages and assurances of protection that only quality design and materials can deliver. Specifically treated to be oil and water repellent, Pyrolon Plus 2 fabric is breathable, offering you cool, comfortable and disposable protection for your expensive Primary FR/ARC Rated Garments.

Pyrolon Plus 2 can be used in work environments where hazardous or non-hazardous contaminants might be present. Let Pyrolon Plus 2 help keep your Primary Protective Garments from becoming saturated in potentially harmful or flammable products that could reduce the effectiveness and longevity of your Protective Apparel.

Part Numbers:
LAK 07428B
Lakeland Micromax N2

MicroMax N2
Microporous Protection

MicroMax® NS is a line of general purpose protective clothing that can be used in work environments where hazardous or nonhazardous contaminants may be present. Very economical and lightweight, MicroMax NS features a high Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) for added wearer comfort. MicroMax NS is strong, wet or dry, perfect for work environments where dirt, grime, splashes, and spills are present.

Part Numbers:

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