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North American Rescue
Lifesaving Medical Products

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North American Rescue - Lifesaving Medical Products

North American Rescue (NAR) provides effective and high-quality mission-critical, lifesaving medical products to law enforcement, military, and ems workers.

The products NAR develop have a critical and defined mission... each is an innovative lifesaving solution to the unique challenges that arise during casualty care in difficult to manage situations and environments. From tactical medicine to bystander intervention, North American Rescue's trusted, reliable pre-hospital equipment delivers the critical tools necessary to increase survivability by empowering responders to take immediate action in life threatening emergencies.



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Law Enforcement

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North American Rescue - SRO Crisis Response Kit

SRO Crisis Response Kit
School Resource Officer Crisis Response Kit

The SRO Crisis Response kit is designed to provide the School Resource Officer with the medical products to treat penetrating trauma and severe bleeding. Carrying this kit empowers an SRO to administer self-aid in the event he or she is injured or provide immediate care to injured casualties during a school incident.

Part Numbers:
NAR 85-0417
NAR - Cyclone Pocket BVM

Cyclone Pocket BVM
Single-use, disposable BVM

The Cyclone® Pocket BVM® is today's most compact, easy-to-use BVM available to provide ventilatory support to patients who are not breathing or who are in respiratory distress. Its unique collapsible design is quick-to-deploy, easy-to-operate and does not need to be manually inflated prior to use. To help reduce rescuer fatigue, this BVM requires minimum pressure for compression of the bag to ventilate and quickly recovers its shape during use.

This product requires Medical Device Authorization for purchase.

Part Numbers:
NAR 10-0019
North American Rescue Trauma Shears

NAR Trauma Shears
Paramedic Stainless Steel Scissors

Built for safety and efficiency, the NAR Trauma Shears from North American Rescue let tactical healthcare professionals get the job done, and get it done right. These paramedic shears are made from premium-grade stainless steel. Their serrated lower edge cuts through the toughest materials. Their soft-grip, non-slip contoured handles provide maximum control, even when wet. Their clothing lift lip and rounded tip provide the ultimate in patient safety. These are black shears made to meet the challenges of casualty care with precision and dependability.

Part Numbers:
NAR ZZ-0063

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