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Communication products and solutions for professional use in harsh conditions.

Savox provides communication products and solutions with superior user experience for professional teams - whatever the conditions. Savox communication controllers, headsets as well as video and ICT related products with their functional and rugged design and excellent audio quality, enhance situational awareness at mission critical tasks where failure is not an option.

Savox products range from Search and Rescue systems, confined space com systems, and protective & helmet-com headsets

Since the origins and working mostly with fire fighters, the company has built its expertise and knowledge around the requirements of other professionals working in harsh and demanding, even hazardous, environments, intrinsically safe products being one of the specialities of the company. The focus of the products was and still is the requirements of the end-user. The products are developed around user needs and the environments, always aiming for the innovative and end -user driven solution. In addition to Savox® products, Savox's competence and skills in communication equipment has been utilized by other companies as Savox also provides R&D and manufacturing services for partners.


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Savox - SearchCam 3000 Camera Rescue Kit

SearchCam® 3000
Search & Rescue Camera Kit

The SearchCam® 3000 Search & Rescue Camera Kit is designed to locate victims trapped in collapsed buildings, underwater inspections, and many others. Its articulating waterproof camera head with LED lighting helps pinpoint the victim's location so rescuers can extract them. The SearchCam's on-screen graphics help direct rescue teams to victim locations and how to begin extraction. The two-way audio allows rescuers to communicate directly with victims. Rescuers can record audio and video, as well as take still photos during the search.

Part Numbers:
CON 6000-11-002
SAVOX - USAR Hardline Kit

Hardline USAR Task Force Kit
Communication & Rescue System

Used by FEMA, USAR, SUSAR and teams throughout North America, Savox USAR Task Force Kit is a multi-purpose, multi-user Hardline communication system designed for:

  • Confined space rescue
  • Collapse structure rescue
  • Trench rescue
  • Mine rescue
  • High angle rescue
  • Shoring & tunneling
  • Victim location

Part Numbers:
SAV 0113-01-011M
Savox - Con-Space Fuel Cell Entry Kit

Hardline CSI-2000
Fuel Cell Entry Kit

Savox Hardline Fuel Cell Entry Kit contains the equipment necessary to provide safe, reliable continuous two-way communication between a safety attendant and confined space workers. Supports one safety attendant and fuel cell technicians with or without breathing apparatuses to a distance of 25 meters.

The equipment can be used untethered or in conjunction with supplied air respirators for general entries and maintenance in aircraft fuel cells.

Part Numbers:
SAV 0113-01-041
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