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Emergency Plug for Electric Vehicles
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Emergency Plug
For Electric Vehicle (EV) Response

The Emergency Plug quickly and simply helps prevent unwanted movement of an EV during emergency operations, so that First Responders can work safely.

The Emergency Plug is the perfect solution for those responding to an electric vehicle (EV) emergency. Unlike fuel-powered cars, it can be difficult to determine whether an EV is running or not. If an incident is severe enough, the safety systems may have possibly malfunctioned, and emergency responders may have to face the difficult position of not knowing the status of the vehicle. Without understanding technology of an electric car, responders can find themselves, and others, in danger.

Once plugged into the vehicle's charging port, the plug simulates a charging process, switches gear to “Park” and applies the electric parking brake. This allows emergency personnel to take control of its power functions, safely turning off all necessary electronics.

With one simple plug-in you can put everyone's minds at ease knowing that your rescue operations are safe, swift, and dependable with The Emergency Plug!

  • Prevents all e-vehicles from accidental starting and movement
  • Universal for all EVs, regardless of whether they are type 1 or type 2 charging ports
  • Comes with adapter for all Tesla Electric Vehicles
  • Status LED shows the current vehicle status and function
  • Self-test function for safe use
  • Bypasses the “Anti-Theft” lock, can be removed at any time
  • Luminescent housing for good visibility
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Emergency Plug
Emergency Plug
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Emergency Plug for Electric Vehicles
Plug it safe!

How does the Emergency plug work?

The Emergency Plug is equipped with two different plug types (type 1 & type 2) and a Tesla adapter. With this one plug you can prevent all types of plug-in cars from driving away unexpectedly. Using the Emergency-Plug is so simple that no training is required.

The responder who arrives first simply places the Emergency plug in the charging socket of the vehicle. The plug tricks the car's software into thinking the car is charging. In every car worldwide it is regulated by software that when a car is charging, it must not be able to drive away. Every manufacturer has had to build in the same protocol for this so that serious damage to charging stations and the electricity grid is prevented.

Who is the Emergency Plug for?

The Emergency plug was introduced to ensure that all users working on the vehicle can guarantee their own and general safety in the event of an accident involving a plug-in vehicle. The added benefit of the Emergency plug is that it prevents unnecessary damage to the car, which is positive for both the owner and insurers.


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