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Blauer RWZ9435VG RC3® Ensemble Men's Gore® Chempak® Ultra-Barrier Fabric Dark Navy Zipper with Storm Flap Closure

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Blauer’s RC3® ensemble is purpose designed to protect wearers against a broad range of CBRN threats including liquid and vapor chemicals, radiological and biological particulates, and liquid chemical splash during physically demanding tactical entries, confined space rescue, and US&R missions. The RC3 ensemble is made with a ruggedized version of Gore’s CHEMPAK® Selectively Permeable fabric that provides a level of abrasion and tear resistance similar to the CHEMPAK Ultra-Barrier fabric used in Blauer’s Multi-Threat ensemble while maintaining the breathability of the fabric used in Blauer’s XRT ensemble. The RC3 ensemble was developed in response to current users of Blauer’s XRT suit (NFPA 1994 Class 3) who requested a more durable fabric and incorporation of reinforcing fabrics and padding at critical stress points to extend into more demanding mission profiles. Like all other Blauer Homeland Defender® ensembles, the RC3 is designed as a one-piece coverall with integrated gloves and booties, a liquid and vapor resistant zipper and storm fly, and integrated hood with a chlorobutyl face seal for use with approved APR/PAPR masks. The suit is self-sealing and requires no chemical tape.

Blauer RC3® Ensemble, Men's, Gore® Chempak® Ultra-Barrier Fabric, Dark Navy, Zipper with Storm Flap Closure, Sewn and Seam Sealed Seam Style, 2 Pockets

Length      :      TALL
Size      :      4X
  • Breathable Gore Chempak Fabric
  • Streamlined pattern provides a more tactical fit on the user and better equipment integration
  • Ten-year shelf life
  • Machine washable for multiple uses if not grossly contaminated
  • Durable fabric and seams prevent accidental contamination and provide user confidence
  • Integrated knee and elbow pads
  • Available with 2 glove system options: Airboss AMG or Gore G9492 with NOMEX overglove