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Bougie Aided Cricothyroidotomy Pack

  • Brand Name: North American Rescue
  • PN: NAR 10-0052
  • MPN: 10-0052
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Includes      :      Nylon Bag (Bac-Pack Pouch), Alcohol Pad, ChloraPrep™ Swabstick, 2-Pack Gauze Pad, PenBlade #10 Safety Scalpel, NAR Tracheal Hook, NAR 10 cc Syringe, NAR Tracheostomy Tube with Bougie-Introducer (Flexible, Cuffed, 6 mm), Tube Securing Strap
Product Family      :      Bac-Pack
Product Type      :      Bougie Aided Cricothyroidotomy Pack

The North American rescue bougie-aided cricothyroidotomy pack (BAC-Pack™) is a comprehensive solution that allows the user to perform a surgical cricothyroidotomy in any environment. With the components arranged by order of use and organized with elastic loops, the BAC-Pack™ is an easy-to-use kit in a small pouch made of durable 500D nylon. The BAC-Pack™ utilizes a purpose-built tube that has a pre-inserted bougie for rapid application, and the bougie is fully adjustable based on the patient's or provider's needs. The excess bougie can also be conveniently stored in the one-of-a-kind bougie cap/stopper. The tube meets the TCCC recommendations for the open surgical technique (flanged and cuffed airway cannula of less than 10 mm outer diameter, 6 - 7 mm internal diameter, and 5 - 8 cm of intratracheal length). The BAC-Pack™ also comes with the latest innovation in safety scalpels, the PenBlade 10, for effortless penetration through the cricothyroid membrane and the NAR tracheal hook to maintain the opening without worry. A single ChloraPrep™ swab stick, an alcohol pad, and a gauze pad are included for skin prep, and a 10 cc syringe and tube securing strap are included for finishing the procedure.

  • All-in-one cricothyroidotomy pack for use in any environment
  • Pre-inserted bougie in tube allows for a more rapid, easy procedure
  • Tube meets TCCC recommendations for bougie-aided open surgical technique
  • PenBlade #10 safety scalpel included for safety and ease of use
  • Small, durable pouch keeps the items organized and ready to use
  • Lightweight and ruggedized
  • Components configured by order of use
  • PenBlade safety scalpel, tube, syringe all provided sterile