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North 8B3032/10H
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Dbg Butyl 8Inch Pt 30Mil 10H

  • Brand Name: North
  • PN: NHA 8B3032/10H
  • MPN: 8B3032/10H
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Butyl Gloves Provide The Highest Impermeability To Water Vapor, Gases, And Many Toxic Chemicals, Including Most Missile Fuels. Flexible And Sensitive, Even At Low Temperatures. Resistant To Oxygenated Solvents And Most Oxidizing Chemicals. Color: Black.Hypalon® Gloves Offer Outstanding Abrasion And Chemical Resistance, Including Resistance To Ozone And Oxidizing Chemicals. Hypalon® Is Naturally Soft For Greater Comfort. Color: White.Lead-Loaded Gloves Contain 0.1Mm Lead Equivalent For Attenuation Of Soft Gamma Radiation.Neoprene/Hypalon® Blend Gloves Combine The Flexibility And Dexterity Of Neoprene With The Ozone And Chemical Resistance Of Hypalon®. Extra Long Life And Positive Protection Under Unusually Severe Conditions. Excellent Resistance To Ozone And Oxidizing Chemicals. White Surface For Good Visibility; Will Not Hide Contamination.Viton® Gloves Are Designed For Handling Chlorinated And Aromatic Solvents. Provide Superior Resistance To Pcbs. Excellent Permeation Resistance To Many Chlorinated, Aliphatic, And Aromatic Hydrocarbons, And Most Oils And Acids. Highly Flame Retardant. Excellent Dexterity. Color: Black.