DuPont TY216SWHXL003000
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Dupont Tyvek Lab Coat

  • Brand Name: DuPont
  • PN: DPP TY216SWHXL003000
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Premium Protection Against Toxic, CorrosiveGaseous, Liquid And Solid Chemicals—See TheTychem®Permeation Guide• Leading Garment Chosen By Hazmat RespondersWorldwide• Extremely Durable, Puncture- And Tear-Resistant Fabric• Wide Range Of Garments Available, Including FullyEncapsulated, Vapor Protective Level AAnd Liquid-Splash Protective Level B Suits• Tychem®Tk Provides At Least 30 Minutes Of ProtectionAgainst 322 Chemical Challenges• Tychem®Tk Is High-Visibility Lime Yellow