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FiberTect 12 in. X 12 in. Wipe

  • Brand Name: First Line Technology
  • PN: FLT FBT-PAD-12X12
  • MPN: FBT-PAD-12X12
  • Min. Order Qty: 1
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THE NEXT GENERATION OF DRY DECONFiberTect’s unique three-layer design provides first responders with a flexible, highly absorptive, and broad spectrum dry decontamination solution. FiberTect is non-reactive, non-abrasive, and non-shedding. It’s activated carbon central layer locks in contamination and prevents off-gassing. It is packaged for easy use and transport, and has a 15 year shelf-life in storage.

• Effective dry decon of persons, weapons, and sensitive equipment
• Activated carbon non-woven fabric
• Devoid of loose particles
• Wipe away bulk chemicals
• Retains toxic vapors
• Adsorb and absorb toxic materials
• 15-year shelf life