Eagle Manufacturing UI-20-FSG
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Safety Can 2 Gal Type I Metal - Green

  • Brand Name: Eagle Manufacturing
  • PN: EAG UI-20-FSG
  • MPN: UI-20-FSG
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The Eagle Type I Safety Can With Funnel Is Used To Store Galvanized Steel, Transport, And Liquids Safely And Comes With A Funnel To Dispense Flammable Facilitate Filling And Pouring. The Can Is Made Of 24-Gauge Galvanized Steel, Which Is Resistant To Rust, Dents, And Certain Chemicals. Gauge Is A Measure Of Thickness (The Lower The Gauge, The Thicker The Material). The Powder-Coated Finish Resists Scratches, Chipping, Fading And Other Wear,. Flame Arrestor Helps Prevent Liquids Inside The Can From A And Keep Flames From Spreading Igniting. The Spout Cap Self-Closes To Help Prevent Leaks Or Spills. The Cap Automatically To Vent Internal Assembly Opens Vapors. Safety Warning Label Alerts Users To The O Trilingual Can'S Contents. The Funnel Is Made Of Hdpe (High-Density Polyethylene), Which Is Resistant To Dents, Punctures, And Certain Chemicals. This Safety Can May Be Available In Different Colours (Blue For Kerosene, Green For Oil Or Other Combustibles, Red For Gasoline, Or Yellow For Diesel) To Separate, Store, And Identify Different Liquids. This Product Is Fm Approved As A Safety Can Used For Handling Or 5 Gallons Of Liquids In Flammable Quantities Less. It Comp Occupational Safety And Health Administration (Osha) Read With Standard 1910.106 For The Safe Storage And Handling Of Flammable Liquids. It Meets National Fire Protection Association (Nfpa) 30 Code, To Reduce The Hazards Associated With Which Provides Safeguards The Storage, Handling, And Use Of Combustible Flammable And Liquids. Meets Underwriters Laboratories (Ul) Listed And It Is Ul Safety Requirements.