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Team Wendy EPIC™ 77-HF-42221100 Full-Cut Ballistic Helmet, XL, Black

  • Brand Name: Team Wendy
  • PN: TMW 77-HF-42221100
  • MPN: 77-HF-42221100
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The EPIC™ ballistic helmet line for law enforcement operators is a result of the innovative synergies between Avon Protection, Team Wendy, and Ceradyne. The series features lightweight high-performance material paired with Team Wendy® retention and liner systems for maximum comfort Designed to provide the ultimate in head protection against ballistic threats in addition to mitigating head trauma from blunt impacts, all EPIC™ helmets feature Ceradyne seamless ballistic shell technology. This leading-edge shell technology incorporates a proprietary Thermoplastic composites forming/molding process that is fine-tuned for Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene fiber composites. Thanks to its high strength and low-density combination, this fiber has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any available fiber on the market The EPIC™ Protector ballistic helmet features exceptional performance and is substantially lighter than the ACH. It provides premium comfort and comes configured with Team Wendy’s CAM-FIT™ BOA Dial retention, EPIC Air® Fit liner system, new reverse dovetail accessory rails and front cover plate.

Ballistic Helmet, Full-Cut, XL, Polyethylene Fiber, Black

Color      :      Black
Material      :      Polyethylene Fiber
Product Type      :      Full-Cut
Size      :      XL
  • Complete no thru-hole technology? provides increased ballistic performance
  • Proprietary thermoplastic composites forming/molding process
  • High strength/low-density combination fiber offers maximum strength-to-weight ratio
  • Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber composites, 33% lighter than Aramid material
  • No thru-hole attachment (No drilled holes through the ballistic shell for attachment)
  • Integrated low profile reverse dove-tail mounting system
  • Compatible with common helmet accessories and optional removable picatinny adapter
  • Provides counterweight attachment options
  • Accommodates optional shock cord system for increased stability of Night Vision Devices
  • BOA® fit system with micro-adjustable dial
  • Utilizes Cam Lock sliders for one-handed adjustment and secure fit
  • Asymmetric design keeps buckle tucked smoothly along jaw line
  • Chin cup lining ensures maximum comfort and chafe-free wear
  • Custom clip system attachment (no-thru holes)?
  • Utilizes Team Wendy’s proven Zorbium® foam technology
  • Proprietary water-resistant film and loop fabric covering
  • Designed to accommodate communication headset integration
  • Meets ACH Gen II Blunt Impact (AR/PD 14-01)