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Vertical Frame Headset Size M

  • Brand Name: Atlantic Signal
  • PN: ATL DOM.VMD.14
  • MPN: DOM.VMD.14
  • Min. Order Qty: 1
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Product Family      :      Dominator II
Product Type      :      Headset
Size      :      M

The DOMINATOR II was developed with a U.S. Naval Special Warfare team in an effort to overcome issues they were having with other communications systems on the market. Prior to the DOMINATOR project, most of the comms systems available forced the operator to have something in, on or over one or both ears to communicate. Many of the systems required earpieces to be worn in both ears to both receive and transmit. Most in-the-ear comms systems on the market require the use of batteries inside the push-to-talk coupled with software that requires periodic updating via connection to a PC while other systems require ear cups to be positioned and worn over both ears for radio RX. Our client complained about issues with these various designs including ear fatigue, sweat filling their ear canals, less than clear transmitted comms by systems using an in-the-ear microphone for TX and dissatisfaction with the quality of their amplified ambient environment (situational and directional awareness) as compared to SA and DA from natural hearing.