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ADANI Systems Inc. - ADA BV6045 DV - XRay Baggage System

Item #: ADA BV6045 DV
The X-ray baggage system BV 6045DV provides the effective inspection of large parcel, small cargo and other items. Dual view system is able to produce two separate simultaneous images from perpendicular orientations providing a complete image of an inspected object, reducing the need for repositioning and rescanning thus enabling rapid, accurate and comprehensive threat detection. BV 6045DV allows identification of weapons, explosives (including plastic explosives), drugs, primers and dangerous objects, which are a safety hazard by identification of substances with an effective atomic number. Dual energy imaging of the system with automatic color coding of materials having different atomic numbers helps screening specialists to easily identify dangerous objects inside any parcel. Features:
Automatic gun detection software Automatic gun detection software can detect standard pistols and revolvers of the small size and weighting minimum 300 g. The automatic evaluation function marks dangerous objects in the images displayed to the operator in real-time mode.
Quick start-up and shutdown Due to the new configuration of hardware the system becomes ready for operation within 30 seconds. Instant shutdown of the system is now also possible.
Multilanguage interface Including English, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, Chinese and any other language on request.
User friendly interface The set of self-intuitive tools and settings make it possible for the operator to master the system control quickly and easily making thus his/her daily work more comfortable.
Real-time self-diagnostics State of all important assemblies and components is controlled in the on-line mode allowing the system to be kept operational and the operator to be informed about any changes in good time.
The fault-tolerant configuration of acquisition/analysis workstation A special configuration of the Operator?s Workstation makes its software resistant to viruses and other harmful interference. The system shutdown occurs immediately and safe for the equipment and data.
Availability 7 and 3 colors imaging Operator is free to choose whether to use 3 colours imaging (organics/inorganics/metals), which is familiar by experience, or 7 colours imaging, which is more detailed one and which enables material discrimination on effective atomic number more precisely. New colours help the operator to stay attentive and his/her perception to remain not ?overloaded? when working during a long period of time. This improves the performance quality of the operator and a through-flow rate of inspection points.
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