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X-Ray Shielding Cabin for CONPASS SV or

ADANI Systems Inc. - ADA CONPASS XSC - X-Ray Shielding Cabin for CONPASS SV or

This X-ray Shielding Cabin (XSC) is designed to be used with the CONPASS full body scanner. This is a security solution developed for the minimization of the radiation safety zone around the whole body imager. The X-ray Shielding Cabin will be the best suitable security solution for crowded locations and areas with restricted space for safety zone. Due to its front and back sliding doors the cabin can be used in a variety of operational scenarios. Optional X-ray protective glass windows allow operators to supervise scanned individuals behaviour at all times of the inspection process. Door interlocks ensure radiation safety outside the cabin and provide protection for passersby. Equivalent lead penetration allows the operators and bystanders to be in close proximity to the full body human X-ray scanner without any radiation effect. The cabin can be easily integrated with various data gathering devices such as CCTV cameras, access control systems, BARCODE and RFID readers, etc.
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