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Air Systems International - AIR BA-30 - BLAST-AIR CART WITH 30 CFM BREATHER BOX

Item #: AIR BA-30
This rugged system has a standard two worker Breather Box mounted onto a pre-filter cart. Breathing air may be fed to the cart system from plant or mobile air compressors & prefiltered through the high capacity oil, water & particulate separators which located at the cart's rear. These pre-filters will automatically drain oil & water discharged from the compressor before entering the Breather Box. This process will extend Breather Box filter life & reduce the cost of maintenance downtime. Features 30 cfm Breather BoxTM installed on the Blast-Air TM Cart (48 cfm flow capacity) - 2 couplings 2 - 300 cfm pre filters w/ automatic drains are cart mounted 1st stage filter with change indicator removes bulk water & particulate - 5.0 micron 2nd stage filter with change indicator - coalescing oil & ultrafine filtration for particulates - .01 micron 3rd stage filter with change indicator has charcoal to remove organic vapors & objectionable odors - .03 micron Automatic drains for 1st & 2nd stage filters 2 yr warranty for CO sensor & monitor Inline CO (carbon monoxide) monitor with (optional) co / o2 monitor (Intrinsically safe CSA compliant units available) Electro chemical sensor provides gas detection & rapid calibration in under 2 min. 2 - 9V battery, 8 to 16 VDC and / or 115 VAC operation 125 PSI safety relief valve setting Aluminum block solid manifold w/ manual drain 0 - 160 psi Pressure Gauge Visual Flowmeter to Verify Air Flow to Monitor External Case Mounted CO Warning Lights and Audible Alarm Remote DC Alarm Jack with Cover Cap, standard Maximum Inlet Pressure - 150 psi All respirator couplings provided with safety lock feature Please specify 1/4” Hansen style or Schrader style fittings when ordering. Other fittings available for an additional charge 2year warranty on Sensor & Monitor
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