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B&W Tek - BWT 840000390 - BWS496-785N Tactic ID N Kit

Item #: BWT 840000390
TacticID-N - Handheld Raman with a library of over 1000 narcotics, cutting agents, pharmaceutical drug and precursor spectra. The library material is traceable and spectra are embedded in a closed system that cannot be modified by the user. Touch screen in a protective tight-fit rubber jacket and custom IP-65 packaging which provides a dust proof, water resistant and washable package. Patented 785nm Cleanlaze® narrow linewidth, wavelength-stabilized excitation laser with adjustable power up to 300mW. Spectrometer covering 176-2900 cm-1 of Raman shift at a center resolution of around 9cm-1 @ 912nm. Data communication via Wi-Fi or Ethernet with Personal Computer. TID and embedded TOS software are included.
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