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CNVD-T3, Clip Night Vision Thermal

L-3 EOTech Commercial Products Group - EOT CT3-001-A3 - CNVD-T3, Clip Night Vision Thermal

Item #: EOT CT3-001-A3
EOTech CNVD-T3 Clip-On Night Vision Thermal Device CT3-001-A3 is a top of the line thermal imaging accessory that easily clips on and off your weapon for a versatile, all-purpose sight in low visibility situations. This high powered thermal imaging device easily penetrates fog, rain, light snow, and even darkness with a huge 2465 meter identification range. This EOTech product was designed for use in high magnification rifle scopes and red dot sights, lending high resolution thermal imagery for long range precision targeting, even when your enemies can't see a thing. The EOTech CNVD-T3 Clip-On Thermal Device also features picture taking capabilities, so you can capture and store images for later transfer to your computer. The EOTech CNVD-T3 Mountable Thermal Imaging Device can turn your favorite high magnification rifle scope into a thermal scope with a simple turn of the clip.
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