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L-3 EOTech Commercial Products Group - EOT MTM-000-A4 - MTM-VIS

Item #: EOT MTM-000-A4
EOTech Mini Thermal Monocular w/ Marking Laser is a perfect accessory for tactical purposes whether it is law enforcement, military or search and rescue related. All versions of MTM Marking Lasers by Morovision are capable of stationary man-sized target recognition up to 400 meters away and moving man-sized recognition up to 500 meters away. Mini Thermal Monocular are small and lightweight, making them convenient to carry while packing incredible technological capability. Mini Thermal Monocular is available with a visible red marking laser or an Infrared IR marking laser. The V2 revisions (MVP-MTM-000-A3 and MVP-MTM-000-A5) of the monocular are cost-effective and don't have the image capture/video interface package, helmet mount and night vision filter/demist shield features of the original version (MVP-MTM-000-A2 and MVP-MTM-000-A4), making them a more affordable option if you don't need those additional features. Morovision is known for the highest quality in all of their Night Vision products. Be sure to check out the rest of Morovision products and other high performance night vision product selection.
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