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Safeware Authorized Supplier - JSP 3015093 - MUFF CM VIBE27 NRR 27

Item #: JSP 3015093
* Model Number: 3015087, 3015089, 3015090, 3015091, 3015092, 3015093 * UOM: EA * Innovative design, Dielectric product * Adjustable, soft padded headband that adjusts to fit all head shapes and sizes * Durable thermoplastic material retains its shape and pressure for consistent noise reduction * Provides uniform headband pressure for a comfortable and secure fit * Well sized inner-hole that provides plenty of room and comfort for the ear * Headband models and a slim capmounted design that°s flexible and durable * 23 NRR headband; 22 NRR capmount (for low noise environments) - Ideal for use with lawn mowers, light industrial work, and Traffic Noise * 26 NRR headband; 25 NRR capmount (for medium noise environments) - Ideal for use with Rock Concert, Circular Saw, and Electric Grinder * 29 NRR headband; 27 NRR capmount (for high level noise environments) - Ideal for use at race tracks, airports, shooting and hunting and for use with heavy equipment
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