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Item #: MSA 806462
The Full-Facepiece Advantage 1000 Respirator is constructed of super-soft black-colored Hycar rubber that provides the feel and comfort of silicone, but with better chemical permeation resistance. For exceptional fit, the facepiece has a unique inturned lip seal that provides the best possible seal against a wide range of facial contours. It is available in three sizes. The Advantage 1000 Facepiece also features a distinctive, flexible urethane lens that is integrally bonded to the face seal, eliminating the need for rigid lens retainers that can cause unwanted pressure points. The lens is so flexible that it can literally be folded in half without breaking or losing resiliency. This helps the facepiece better conform to the wearers unique facial contours an d provides an improved field of vision. Standard equipment includes a speaking diaphragm for clear, short-range communications and a nose cup, to reduce lens fogging in low temperatures or high-humidity conditions.
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