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Universal Swift Water Rescue Vest

MUSTANG SURVIVAL INC - MUS MRV150 251 - Universal Swift Water Rescue Vest

Item #: MUS MRV150 251
The universal swift water rescue vest is a high buoyancy (25 lb) USCG approved Type V SAR PFD. The MRV150 was developed with ongoing feedback from the water rescue community. With an easy to adjust donning system and layered flotation foam, this vest provides a comfortable and secure fit, which improves operational performance both in and out of the water. The findings of the on-water visibility study, scientifically conducted in 2011 by Mustang Survival, show fluorescent green as the most conspicuous color for a floating target. As a result of in-water real world testing, the black, fluorescent yellow-green, SOLAS™ tape color blocking as depicted on the MRV150 provided excellent appearance and allowed the user to be seen throughout a wide range of light levels in clear and muddy water environments. The extreme color gradients coupled with the high reflectivity of over 62 sq in of SOLAS™ tape make the MRV150 one of the most visible rescue vests available today.
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