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Alford BL1001 | Bottler Lite, 1 L | Safeware
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Bottler Lite

  • Brand Name: Alford
  • PN: ALF BL1001
  • MPN: BL1001
  • Min. Order Qty: 1
  • Availability: loading
Contents      :      (1) Bottler
Product Type      :      Bottler Lite
Size      :      1 L
  • The Bottler™ lite charges are the low NEQ versions of the established Bottler™ family of water-jacketed, omni-directional, IED disruptors that are economical and simple to deploy
  • Bottler™ lite charges use the same principle as the original Bottler™ and have the same outer envelope but have new, much reduced, charge loads
  • These low NEQ Bottler™ Lite charges are ideal in situations where avoiding collateral damage or large blast overpressures is essential - in buildings or ships
  • Less explosive is needed for a given amount of disruption
  • Less damage is done beyond the attack zone
  • Reduced probability of the disruptor causing fire
  • Any existing fires in the surrounding area are likely to be extinguished
  • Bottler™ charges are loaded by the operator with plastic explosive and water or salt, or a mixture of water with salt and sand
  • They can be used instead of the maxi candle/RADE, and are much less likely to ignite target vehicles
  • They contain no explosive until they are loaded by the operator and so they may be transported and stored without restriction
  • Bottler™ charges are designed to be used singly or fitted together in multiple arrays and so can be used to achieve disruption varying from ripping soft or loose internal vehicle components and breaking windows, to complete opening of the vehicle
  • They destroy time and power units (TPUs) of bombs, even when these are placed in the glove compartment, and disconnect them from the main explosive charge
  • The flash of the main explosive charge is completely suppressed and the remains of the target are liberally sprayed with water, thereby preventing fire and preserving forensic evidence