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CellBlock LIBIK Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Containment Systems Full Kit | Safeware
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CellBlock LIBIK Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Containment Systems Full Kit

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A Solution for Every Situation:
No two battery fires will be the same. Be prepared
with the best fire-suppression tools in the industry.

The LIBIK’s layered fire-retardant materials
have passed intensive testing and will
handle temperatures in excess of 1000°C
(1832°F) for extended periods of time.

A PED is Overheating:
When a device gets overly hot, use the Fire Shield
Blanket and CellBlock high-heat gloves to safely
transfer the device to the LIBIK bag. The interior of
the bag is lined with PED-Pad fire suppression pillows
containing CellBlockEX dry media. These PED-Pads
will automatically release the CellBlockEX in the event
of a thermal runaway. No activation is required. The
CellBlockEX extinguishes the fire and uptakes smoke,
gases and flammable electrolyte associated with a
lithium-ion battery fire.

A PED is on Fire:
Remove a PED-Pad fire suppression pillow from the
LIBIK and place over the device to rapidly extinguish
active flames and uptake fumes. Place the Fire Shield
Blanket over the pillow to enhance the suppressive
effects and to further protect the fire fighter and
surroundings. Once the PED fire is extinguished and
cooled, the device can then be safely handled and
placed in the bag using the gloves and fire blanket.


The LIBIK’s Fire Shield Blanket is
“must have” equipment. Crafted from
the same fire-retardent materials as the
LIBIK bags, it protects the fire-fighter
from the flames.

CellBlock high-heat gloves provide
additional protection to aid in
handling an overheating device.

PED-Pad pillows containing
CellBlockEX provide active fire
suppression within the kit, or they may
be removed from the kit to quickly
extinguish a device fire in-place.

LIBIK-X Filter allows any outgassing or
explosions to safely safely vent though
with no release of fumes or smoke.

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