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DuPont™ Tyvek® 800 Coverall

  • Brand Name: DuPont
  • PN: DPP TJ198TWHMD0025PI
  • MPN: TJ198T
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Tyvek® 800 garments combine resistance to low-concentration, water-based, inorganic chemicals (even under pressure) with the strength and durability of Tyvek® thanks to an innovative fabric technology and enhanced garment design. Developed to our highest standards, Tyvek® 800 coveralls are soft, comfortable and lightweight without compromising their level of durability. They are now available with serged and over-taped seams that provide the performance of Type 3/4/5/6 garments, which have been tested to standards against pressurized liquids, heavy liquid aerosols and airborne solid particles. The coveralls provide an effective barrier against many water-based inorganic chemicals in low concentration and particles (down to 1.0 micron in size), as well as oil repellency. Tyvek® 800 coveralls are suitable for applications such as industrial cleaning, chemical packaging and redistribution, waste treatment and disposal, and environmental remediation. Tyvek® 800 Type 3/4/5/6 coveralls offer the following safety and comfort benefits:Chemical protective clothing, Category III, Type 3-B, 4-B, 5-B and 6-BProtection against infective agents (EN 14126) including resistance to penetration by blood and body fluids using synthetic blood (ISO 16603) and resistance to penetration by blood-borne pathogens using Phi-X174 bacteriophage (ISO 16604)EN 1073-2 (protection against radioactive contamination)Fabric and seams offer chemical permeation barrier to low concentration water-based inorganic chemicalsSerged and over-taped seams for protection and strengthSelf-adhesive chin flap for tight seal of suit to the maskElastic face, wrists and ankles as well as glued-in waist elasticElastic thumb loops keep sleeves in place

Size      :      MD
Basis WeightDIN EN ISO 53659 g/m2Puncture ResistanceEN 86315 NTear Resistance - Trap Tear (MD)EN ISO 9073-431 NTear Resistance - Trap Tear (CD)EN ISO 9073-432 NTensile Strength (MD)DIN EN ISO 13934-193 NTensile Strength (XD)DIN EN ISO 13934-172 NResistance to water penetrationDIN EN 20811>25 kPa (>100 inches H2O)Surface Resistivity (25& RH), inside**EN 1149-1< 2.5 x 10^9 ohms/squareSurface Resistivity (25& RH), outside**EN 1149-1No antistatic treatmentWearing Apparel Flammability16 CFR 1610 HelpClass 8
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