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Alford DX1202 | DX300 Aluminum Dioplex, 20 mm x 0.5 m L | Safeware
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DX300 Aluminum Dioplex 20 mm x 0.5 m L

  • Brand Name: Alford
  • PN: ALF DX1202
  • MPN: DX1202
  • Min. Order Qty: 1
  • Availability: loading
Contents      :      (1) Charge
Length      :      1/2 m
Material      :      Aluminum
Maximum Severance      :      10 mm
Product Type      :      Dioplex
Size      :      20 mm

DIOPLEX™ is a family of aluminum-bodied explosive linear cutting charges which are user filled and supplied in kit form. The charge cases are assembled in sizes corresponding to particular applications, and then filled with plastic explosive. A single 40 mm DIOPLEX™ charge severs steel plate about 40 mm thick. DIOPLEX™ charges are assembled from pre-formed one meter or half meter lengths of extruded aluminum, with the copper liner factory fitted and sealed in place. The only requirements are a flat working surface and a hack-saw. The user cuts the charges to the lengths required and fits plastic end-caps to each end of the charge. The end-caps may be sealed with silicone rubber for use under water. The End Caps are designed to fit firmly onto the ends of the charge cases. A sealant should be used for underwater use.

  • 20 mm DIOPLEX™ is the smallest sharge size which is capable of cutting 10 mm of steel
  • It is a good, efficient charge for lightweight cutting and for cutting through thick (40 mm) laminate glass