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MED-ENG 8003354 | MED-ENG 8003354 BCS-4 Vest - Berry, Medium | Safeware
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MED-ENG 8003354 BCS-4 Vest - Berry Medium

  • Brand Name: MED-ENG
  • PN: 8003354
  • MPN: 8003354
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The Med-Eng BCS 4 is the preferred personal body cooling system of Bomb Disposal Technicians and EOD Operators worldwide.

MED-ENG BCS-4 Vest - Berry, Medium

Brand Name      :      MED-ENG
Item Name      :      Vest
Series/Model      :      BCS-4
Size      :      Medium
  • Keeps the user feeling refreshed and focused on the mission
  • Reduces the effects of heat stress for Bomb Disposal Technicians
  • Autonomous, leg-mounted portable chiller system integrates seamlessly with the Med-Eng EOD 10 bomb suit as well as the EOD 9 bomb disposal suit
  • Includes a vest with a full zipper in the front that connects to the leg-mounted chiller to form a complete liquid circulating system
  • Circulates chilled water over the torso to remove heat from the body