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TacticID-GP Kit

Items #: BWT 840000555

Handheld portable Raman for field testing and identification by hazardous material teams, bomb squads, EOD, CBRN, clan lab teams and more. Library of over 10,000 hazardous chemicals, explosives, narcotics, pharmaceutical drugs, precursors and cutting agents providing an all-inclusive identification system. User-created libraries and report field customization available. Color-coded, actionable results displayed in seconds on high-brightness and resolution screen. User friendly touch screen in a protective tight-fit ruggedized rubber jacket provides a dust proof, water resistant, and washable or immersible enclosure for decontamination. Patented Cleanlaze laser with adjustable power at 10% increments. Sampling adaptors for powder, solid and liquid samples included. Data communication via Wi-Fi or USB. Includes all standard accessories and software. Available options for laser wavelengths of 785nm, 1064nm or custom configurations chosen upon order placement.
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BWS496-785N Tactic ID N Kit

Items #: BWT 840000390

TacticID-N - Handheld Raman with a library of over 1000 narcotics, cutting agents, pharmaceutical drug and precursor spectra. The library material is traceable and spectra are embedded in a closed system that cannot be modified by the user. Touch screen in a protective tight-fit rubber jacket and custom IP-65 packaging which provides a dust proof, water resistant and washable package. Patented 785nm Cleanlaze® narrow linewidth, wavelength-stabilized excitation laser with adjustable power up to 300mW. Spectrometer covering 176-2900 cm-1 of Raman shift at a center resolution of around 9cm-1 @ 912nm. Data communication via Wi-Fi or Ethernet with Personal Computer. TID and embedded TOS software are included.
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