Gray 4

Gray 4' (30 count)

Items #: MBT GPS348-30

Meltblown General Purpose Socks measure 48"-long with a 3" diameter, with 30 socks included per box. MBT's spunbond-covered socks are soft and stretchable, designed to contain and absorb runaway fluids, most commonly to prevent fluids from spilling out into walkways or open drains. General purpose socks are off-white tubular sleeves filled with super-absorbent, recycled cellulose fiber, designed to wrap around the bases of leaky machinery to absorb non-aggressive fluids (oil, water, glycols, etc.), thereby protecting drains, keeping walkways safe, and letting you get back to work. MBT's socks are also useful for emergencies, and the durable spunbond sleeve absorbs and draws fluids into the fluffy, fibrous center of its fabric.
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