What Safeware Means For Your Business

Safeware provides access to the best products and services to keep people safe in any workplace. From construction and utilities to fire and law enforcement, we offer the best solutions to keep you out of harm’s way. Safeware facilitates the selection, supply, and service of all the equipment you need to return home safely every day.

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Respiratory Protection Accepting Emergency Orders

We are accepting emergency orders for First Responders. Healthcare and Critical Services ONLY. Click the image to learn more.

Gloves, Goggles, Gowns & Suits Order Now

Gloves, Goggles, Gowns & Suits Safeware offers a wide range of products from respected vendors nationwide. From coveralls, face shields, nitrile gloves and much more. Click to learn more or inquire about purchasing.

Decon 7 Leading Distributor of Disinfectants and Equipment

D7 is a powerful, patented decontaminate and cleaning solution that neutralizes both biological and chemical contaminants. Originally developed to counter biochemical threats to national security, D7 today is utilized in a variety of military, defense, and public safety applications. D7 tackles the toughest contamination challenges, neutralizing toxic and/or deadly chemicals, bacteria, and viruses within minutes.

Medical Surge Products Available Now

Tents, Thermometers, Cots, Gloves, PAPR's, Coverall Suits, and more. Availability of products subject to change. Please call 1-800-331-6707 for any purchasing inquiries.

Mobile Mortuaries & Coroner Surge Requirements Inquire Now

Mobile Mortuaries & Coroner Surge Requirements The Medical Surge Capacity and Capability (MSCC) managing the medical and public health response to an emergency or disaster.


For over 30 years, the Safeware-Mallory team has provided public safety equipment nationally with expertise in personal protective equipment. The team services and supports all aspects of safety from law enforcement and fire service special operations to public utility and public works crews. Our company’s history of quick response to the major safety crises of the past twenty years, including our direct involvement and sustained efforts during 9/11 and the California wildfires, uniquely positions us as experts in public safety and response. Safeware-Mallory is a single source for all public safety equipment, offering competitive pricing, servicing options, process savings, and national coverage with regional expertise.

Customizable and Flexible BUYING SOLUTIONS

Safeware provides a comprehensive selection of safety products and services, offering thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers to serve the industrial, government, military, and response marketplaces. We guide our customers through this wide selection with customized websites, catalogs, safety solution kits, and the diligence of our experienced customer service. Our involvement with every aspect of safety, from emergency response to industrial gear, gives us the expertise to get what you need to where you need it as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Our knowledgeable and experienced staff keeps Safeware flexible, accessible and responsive to your safety needs. Safeware salespeople are safety experts, trained in the field to analyze any situation and develop a creative solution. Our dedicated customer service department offers customer support by streamlining the selection and delivery of your purchase. Safeware also employs a professional and experienced Technical Services Staff. They are experts in maintenance, training, and rental services to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase throughout the lifetime of the product. We take the time to make sure you are satisfied and your needs have been met.

Government Security Solutions

Safeware offers a myriad of equipment solutions and customizations based on your very unique needs. Because of the sensitive nature of these security solution projects, please click here for our contact information.

Safeware Technical Services

Safeware Technical Services offers a full range of Repair, Maintenance and Rental services to keep you and your equipment working at an optimum level. Our certified technicians handle routine maintenance or equipment upgrades as well as troubleshooting and repair.

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