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Med-Eng Personal Protective Equipment

Protective Equipment: Suits, Helmets & Accessories

Med-Eng - Safariland Group

Med-Eng protective EOD bomb suits, head protection, garments, sensors & accessories

Med-Eng designs, tests and manufactures equipment and tools that set the standard for protection and capabilities. Their solutions work because they conduct aggressive research programs to develop systems that mitigate threats and meet operational requirements. Med-Eng's commitment to saving lives by providing effective equipment and responsive service has earned them the respect of leading military and public safety agencies around the world.

Med-Eng Bomb Suits are trusted because they have been proven to save lives. They offer full scale suit and helmet ensembles for EOD and CBRNe operations, as well as lighter blast protective suits and visors for Tactical missions, Search, K9 Handling, military UXO tasks and Humanitarian Demining programs.


Med-Eng EOD 9N Bomb Suit

EOD 9N Bomb Suit
Certified NIJ Standard 0117.01 Public Safety Bomb Suit

  • Excellent protection from explosive blast threats, overpressure, fragmentation, impact (acceleration and deceleration) and heat/flame
  • Shielded electronics for compatibility with Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) when dealing with a Radio Controlled IED (RCIED)
  • Remote Control Unit for finger tip control of EOD 9N Bomb Disposal Helmet functions
  • Groin plate retracts for easier kneeling
  • Available in olive drab (standard color), navy blue or desert tan, each with black webbing trim

Part Numbers:
OD, Small
MED 4976720
OD, Med/Small
MED 4976721
OD, Medium
MED 4976722
OD, Large
MED 4976723
OD, Helmet
MED 4976294
Med-Eng EOD 10 Bomb Suit

EOD 10 Bomb Suit
Certified NIJ Standard 0117.01 Bomb Suit

  • Integrated voice command system to keep the user's hands free to carry or deploy tools
  • Extensive V50 testing against fragments of 17-gr, 44-gr and 207-gr as per NIJ 0117.01
  • Spine protector impact testing as per NIJ 0117.01 for bomb suits
  • Shielded electronics for compatibility with Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) when dealing with a Radio Controlled IED (RCIED)
  • Enhanced situational awareness, including static and dynamic field of view, as per NIJ 0117.01

Part Numbers:
OD, Small
MED 8002577
OD, Medium
MED 8002578
OD, Large
MED 8002579
OD, XLarge
MED 8002580
Helmet Pkg
MED 8002581
Med-Eng TAC 6E Modular Suit

TAC 6E Suit
Highly versatile and lightweight blast protection suit

  • Components cover the Chest, Shoulders, Upper and Lower Arms, Groin, Upper and Lower Legs
  • Integrates with Tactical and Combat helmets and the Med-Eng TAC and ARC Visor Systems
  • Protection from blast overpressure, fragmentation, impact (acceleration and deceleration) and heat/flame
  • High mobility and lightweight ergonomic design lets users run, walk, climb, bend, lift and reach more easily

Part Numbers:
Black, LG, Regular
MED 4977340
OD, LG, Long
MED 4977350
Med-Eng Blast Tracker

Blast Tracker Dosimeter

The Blast Tracker is a wearable, rechargeable blast dosimeter that records, measures, and time/date stamps blast events and accumulated blast exposure.This low-profile device is sensitive enough to capture low-level overpressure events and robust enough to capture serious blast events that cause acute injury. All event data is stored in a database to track both acute and cumulative low-level blast and impact exposure.


  • High-bandwidth pressure sensor along with three accelerometers capture peak overpressure, accumulated blast exposure, and full acceleration
  • Instantly records and displays data on a backlit LCD display to show key information after a blast overpressure event
  • Provides immediate feedback allowing for on site changes to tactics, techniques, and procedures
  • Ideal for Law Enforcement Personnel who are exposed to blast overpressure events that may contribute to cumulative type injuries (TBI /mTBI) from repeated exposure over time
  • Tracks single and cumulative blast and shockwave events for long term personal exposure, tracking and analysis
  • Cumulative data from repeated blasts can be used to study potential correlations with medical symptoms
  • Includes host software to download, store and analyze cumulative exposure data


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