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Laser Protection Glareshields

NoIR Laser Protection GlareShields

Direct hit without NoIR LaserShield
LaserPointer direct hit without NoIR

Direct hit with NoIR LaserShield
LaserPointer direct hit with NoIR

Riot and Crowd Control Protection against Hand-held Lasers

Hand-held lasers are being used to target, injure and attack Ground Force personnel including Law Enforcement & First Responders. Public Order and Civil Disturbance is a key area where Laser protective eye-wear is essential. Lasers can create dazzling flash/glare blindness and retinal injury even at short term exposures and distances. Keep your eyes protected with NoIR LaserShield.

High-powered hand-held lasers are a significant hazard to law-enforcement in crowd control and riot situations, inducing flash blindness and potentially causing eye injury in close proximity attacks. The sudden loss of vision from a laser illumination is disorienting and debilitating, and the fear of injury is real, yet typical safety glasses provide no protection from these threats.

NoIR GlareShields™ laser pointer filters provide necessary and sufficient protection from the disabling effects of intentional or incidental laser pointer hits without compromising the wearer's ability to perform on the job. All NoIR GlareShields™ provide full daylight UV and glare protection along with laser safety. But since the flash-blindness effect of a laser pointer illumination is much more pronounced at night when the lasers are brighter and the eye is dark acclimated, NoIR offers a line of GlareShields™ designed for use in low light/nighttime conditions. GlareShields™ optimize protection from the beam with Optical Densities (ODs) between 1-3 (absorbing 90-99.9% of the beam energy), while in some cases still allowing visibility of the beam spot without compromising visual acuity or display panel color recognition (for point source location and perpetrator apprehension), and for close exposure crowd control ground exposures, higher to full protection against the laser illumination.


NoIR ARG #35

ARG #35 Adjustable Wrap-Around

  • Lens: Blue/Green Protection Lens 1
  • Frame: Black, Wrap-around--Med/Large. Adjustable temple lengths


NoIR ARG #43

ARG #43 Fitover

  • Lens: Blue/Green Protection Lens 1
  • Frame: Black, Fitover, Universal-Large. Fits over Rx glasses, side-shields forwide field of view


NoIR CC1 #46

CC1 #46 Wrap-Around

  • Lens: Blue/Green Protection
  • Frame: Black, Wrap-around, adjustable bridge


NoIR CC1 #53

CC1 #53 Universal Fitover

  • Lens: Blue/Green Protection
  • Frame: Black, Fitover, Universal-Large. Fits over Rx glasses or alone


NoIR CC2 #52

CC2 #52 Wrap-Around

  • Lens: Blue/Green/Red Protection
  • Frame: Black, Wrap-around - Large


NoIR PBG #46

PBG #46 Wrap-Around

  • Lens: Blue/Green Protection for pilots
  • Frame: Black, Wrap-around, adjustable bridge




ARG Filter



CC1 Filter



CC2 Filter


Universal Fit

Universal Fit-over frames fit well for those who do and those who do not wear prescription glasses.

Wrap-around frames fit closer to the face for those not wearing Rx glasses.

Most NoIR frames fit under helmets and face shields/visors.

The risk of injury is very real from readily available, higher power handheld lasers.
Keep your sight and mind clear and focused.

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