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National Leader In Emergency Response Solutions & Protective Safety Equipment.

Since 1979 Safeware has provided a superior selection of SAFETY products and technical SERVICE to customers in the Industrial, Government, Military and RESPONSE markets.

Emergency response solutions

For over 40 years, Safeware has been focused on one thing... Protecting Our Customers.

In 1979, we opened our doors in the shadow of the Nation's Capitol to fill the need for a local distributor of quality safety products to businesses in and around the Mid-Atlantic region. Today we reach all corners of the nation.

In 1981, we established our Technical Services division, again to fill a need for our customers. This time providing quality service for the more technical products they purchase. Today we are trusted by Fortune 500 companies as well as key government agencies to keep their critical equipment operating, and their personnel protected.

In 1999, responding to the requests of our customers and suppliers, we created the Fire & Rescue Division of Safeware. This division is now referred to as the RESPONSE Division, and is focused on supplying products and services to fire & rescue, federal & local government, law enforcement, military, and all forms of first responders. Today we are a trusted partner to those to whom failure is not an option.


When you RESPOND, we RESPOND. The growth of our EMG has come from our ability to help you plan for the unseen as well as the leverage our relationships with our suppliers to get the products you need in an emergency. Safeware is proud to have played a pivotal role in protecting first responders as well as recovery workers during these and other emergency situations.


Oklahoma City Bombing

Safeware 1995
Safeware - OK City Bombing


Pepco Oil Spill

Safeware 2000
Safeware - Pepco Oil Spill


Attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon

Safeware 2001
Safeware - 9/11


Anthrax/Ricin contamination at Senate building and Capitol Hill

Safeware 2001
Safeware - Ricin/Anthrax Attacks


Hurricane Katrina

Safeware 2005
Safeware - Hurricane Katrina


Coronovirus Pandemic

Safeware 2020
Safeware - OK City Bombing

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