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Gas Monitors:
Maintenance, Hazmat, and Real-Time Decisions

October 27, 2021   2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST

Industrial Scientific Portable Gas Detectors
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October 27, 2021

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST

Kyle Krueger
Solutions Marketing Manager
Industrial Scientific Corporation

Holly Mazzia
District Manager
Industrial Scientific Corporation

Presented by:
Safeware & Industrial Scientific

Let's talk about gas monitors for a minute. We all know the common issues that they create. Whether it is endless hours of troubleshooting or a long list of "I wish it could do this." We hear you! Safeware is teaming up with Industrial Scientific to bring you a webinar designed to address the common gas monitor issues that Firefighters deal with every day. Attendees can expect to get answers to these four common questions:

"What were the readings from that call a few days ago?":
Have you ever had to pull records as part of investigation days or weeks later? We will walk through how to locate those readings in seconds. See how to use data for CYA and show much more!

"The gas monitors broke, and the 'monitor guy' is off shift. What do we do?":
We know it happens, monitors break, and you are waiting for weeks on a repair, or your monitor tech is off shift. We will talk through scalable solution options to eliminate downtime that enable your teams to stop troubleshooting and start acting.

Hot Zone or Cold Zone?
We will show simple tools that your teams can use to establish monitor reading communications without opening a laptop or needing to use a phone.

Where is the gas cloud headed?
If your team was responding to a call 45 minutes away for a significant leak, how would you be able to model the release? Our team will break down how to model the release and protect the community before your tires hit the interstate.

Our team of presenters will use real-life examples and walkthroughs, specifically what tools to be applied to get the job done. Register today if you are looking to change your current monitors or are curious about what is available on the market. Invite the hazmat team or the engine company; this session will have something for everyone.

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