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Safeware government value proposition

Safeware Value proposition

Safeware provides access to the best products and service to keep people safe in any work place. From construction and utilities to fire and law enforcement, We offer the best solution to keep you out of harm's way. Safeware facilitates the selection, supply, and service of all the equipment you need to return the home safely everyday.

Safeware has been providing safety and protection to workers in every workplace for over 40 years. Focused largely on the government customer, we provide protective products and an assortment of other items for workers ranging from Firefighters, Police, Public and Municipal utilities and Highway workers across the United States. Our outside sales team and service shops are conveniently located to support you in whichever area of the country you are working in.

Safeware government value proposition

Safeware is the premier independent supplier of products and services to state and local government customers across the United States. Safeware has been the contract holder for Public Safety/Homeland Security for Omnia Partners since 2011, and Safeware was awarded the recompete of this contract in 2018 along with a newer Port of Portland contract in 2021. This contract provides State and Local customers a contract vehicle for Fire, Police, and Government Safety customers in all 50 States. Safeware additionally holds a contract with Sourcewell, GSA schedules, and many other municipal contracts to make your buying experience easier. Supported by a staff of knowledgeable and accessible salespeople and friendly, knowledgeable customer service staff, Safeware is your partner for safety and public safety products and services.

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