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CCTV Solutions-Upcoming Law Bans Purchase & Use

US Congress Passes Bill Banning Dahua and HikVision


HR 5515 directs all Government facilities (Federal & STLG agencies), which also includes non-governmental agencies that fall under “critical infrastructure” and “national security” purposes (i.e. Utilities, Banks, etc…) to ban the purchase and use of all Dahua and HikVision manufactured (and their OEM’s) CCTV solutions.

The ban technically starts one year after being signed into law, which is August 13, 2019. However, since the ban includes both the purchase and use Dahua and HikVision equipment, it effectively starts immediately as it would not make practical sense to buy equipment today, only to have it removed in 12 months.

DHS Issues cyber alert naming the Chinese State Owned Company “HikVision” had a backdoor built into the cameras. “Successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities could lead to a malicious attacker escalating his or her privileges or assuming the identity of an authenticated user and obtaining sensitive data.” Advisory (ICSA-17-124-01)

The Safeware-Mallory Homeland Security & Public Safety U.S. Communities contract is a great contract tool that allows your agency to quickly work with your trusted (or Safeware-Mallory recommended) sourcing/installation security partners to “rip and/or replace” your Dahua & HikVision cameras. The Safeware-Mallory “Homeland Security & Public Safety” U.S. Communities cooperative contract is competitively solicited and thus this contract empowers your agency to move quickly on this important change.

Please contact your Safeware-Mallory “Government Security Solution Specialist”/Peter Van Kirk at 561-262-8343 or to assist your agency so that you are compliant with the new law.

Here is a list of HikVsion OEMs that incorporate some cameras. 



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