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Peltor 7100113748 | 3M PELTOR Foam Windscreen for TEP-100 | Safeware
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3M™ PELTOR™ Foam Windscreen for TEP-100

  • Brand Name: Peltor
  • MPN: 7100113748
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Provides protection from wind noiseEasily ReplacableEasy to apply15 pairs per package for reapplicationWhether your customers are hunter or shooters, or are using these products outdoors in the pursuits of their job, 3M PELTOR is giving your customers choices to tailor their TEP-100 to their environment.In high wind environments, the user may find it beneficial to place a foam wind screen over the environmental microphone to help minimize effects of wind noise on environmental listening. Replaceable and easy to apply.These foam windscreens come 15 pair to a sheet and can easily be applied to the TEP-100 Environmental Microphone cover with the self-adhesive backing.