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National Preparedness Month | Safeware
National Preparedness Month

Preparedness Month
Prepare for disasters to create a
lasting legacy for you and your family.

Build a kit
Emergency Response Kits
Build a kit with everyone in mind
This National Preparedness Month, we are reminding you to build your emergency kit.
Disasters can happen anywhere, any time. That's why it's important you're prepared. Do you have a plan for yourself, your pets, and your family? Consider the specific needs you might have in an emergency. Safeware is equipped to supply your emergency needs.
Shelter in Place Emergency Preparedness Backpack

First Aid Only
Shelter in Place Emergency Preparedness Backpack

  • Serves up to 20 persons for a few hours
  • To Shelter in Place during an Emergency or Disaster
  • For use during Earthquake, Tornado, Power outage or gunman in the vicinity

Part Numbers:
Backpack Kit
FAO 91308
Streamlight Flashlight

Survivor® 905 Right Angle LED Flashlight

  • Flash for signaling
  • High for a super-bright beam that pierces through smoke
  • Low for bright light and longer run time

Part Numbers:
STR 90513
Sqwincher Qwik Stik ZERO 20 fl-oz Sports Drink Mix

Qwik Stik® ZERO 20 fl-oz Sports Drink Mix

  • Gluten & Sugar Free
  • Low Sodium
  • 50 Singles in Pack
  • Assorted Flavors

Part Numbers:
Pack of 50
Trauma Pads

First Aid Only
Trauma Combine Pad 10 x 8

  • 10 inch x 8 inch
  • Box of 24 pads
  • Sterile & highly absorbent
  • Designed to wick away fluids and disperse them evenly

Part Numbers:
Box of 24
FAO 90869
Emergency Lightstick

Industrial Grade Emergency Lightstick

  • Average life: 12 hours
  • Yellow light
  • Guaranteed 5 years shelf life
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and waterproof

Part Numbers:
OMN 9-08014
SRO Crisis Response Kit

North American Rescue
SRO Crisis Response Kit

  • Medical products to treat penetrating trauma and severe bleeding
  • Includes tourquets, gauze, trauma dressing, gloves, shears, vent chest seal, microshield, surgical tape and blanket.

Part Numbers:
SRO Kit, Black
NAR 85-0417

Purified Bottled Water - 16.9 fl oz

Niagra Water Bottles
  • Highest quality product in market
  • 24 bottles per case
  • 84 Cases per pallet
  • 100% Recyclable bottles
  • Ability to ship full truckload or less than truckload by the pallet
Part Numbers:
84 Cases/Pallet
OMNIA Partners

OMNIA Partners | Public Sector

Cooperative Purchasing Contracts

Lead Agency: Fairfax County
Contract Number: 4400008468

Lead Agency: Port of Portland
Contract Number: 159469

OMNIA Partners Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Cooperative Purchasing Contracts

OMNIA Partners is a proud partner of Safeware. When agencies utilize cooperative contracts with OMNIA Partners, they gain the collective buying power that is revolutionizing purchasing in the public sector. Safeware and OMNIA Partners together deliver public agencies cost-efficient solutions for public safety in emergencies of all types or sizes. From PPE and emergency response equipment to security systems and mass communication, the Safeware cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners brings innovative yet realistic solutions to government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

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