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DESE - EANS-II | Air Purification Systems

DESE - EANS I & II Funding
Air Purification Systems for Educational Facilities

Cleaner Air in the Classroom.

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has authorized Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS) awardees to equip their facilities with air purification systems and filters available from Medify Air and 3M Filtrete through Safeware. The purchase of these units through Safeware can utilize EANS I & II grant funds at no cost to the school.

Recommendations are that schools place air purifiers in any room where students and faculty spend time–classrooms, cafeterias, main offices, break rooms, faculty lounges, gyms etc.

The benefits of air purifiers in classrooms depend on consistent use. We encourage you to run your air purifier throughout the school day, every day, and to replace the filter when indicated. Please see the sticker on your filter and the manual for more information.

Even when the air quality is "acceptable" by EPA standards, cleaning the air further results in improvement in student performance, learning capability, and test scores. Children spend around 900 hours a year in class where the air can be 4x worse than the air outside. Clean air is not only crucial to students’ health (immediate and long term), but hugely beneficial in learning and behavioral outcomes.

  • True High-Efficiency Particulat Air (HEPA) H13 & H14 Filters
  • Active Carbon Composite for Odors
  • Captures up to 99.9% of particles down to 0.1 microns
  • Low Energy Output

How does an air purifier work?

An air purifier is essentially a motor with a fan that draws contaminated air in a room into the unit and forces that air through different layers of filter. The purified air is then returned to the room repeating this cycle over and over to effectively improve the air quality.

Measure your rooms for optimal air purifer sizing.

  • First, measure the square footage of each room.
  • Know your ceiling heights
    Coverage areas are based on a standard 9-foot ceiling height. If your ceilings are significantly higher–it is best to choose a more powerful unit or use multiple units.
  • Select the air purifier that is closest in coverage area to each room.
    If you are between coverage areas, it is best to choose the larger unit. If one unit does not cover the full space, it is best to use multiple units.

    For Example:
    • i. If you room is 500 sq. ft., the MA-112 would be a better fit than the MA-40.
    • ii. If one of your large common spaces is 5,000 sq. ft. (library or gym), it would be best to place three MA-1000 air purifiers, distributed as evenly as possible throughout the space.

Calculate your room's square footage.

Length (ft):  
Width (ft):  

Medify Air - H13 True HEPA Filter

Medify Air - 3 Stage Filters

  • Prefilter catches large particles like hair and dust
  • H13 HEPA filter catches 99.9% of particles to 0.1 microns including pet dander, pollen, and COVID particles
  • Activated carbon filter absorbs and eliminates odors

Part Numbers:
MA-40 Filter Replacement
MA-50 Filter Replacement
MA-112 Filter Replacement
MA-1000 Filter Replacement
MED MA-1000-R1

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Safeware is proud to be a nationally-recognized leader in the distribution and servicing of educational facility solutions. From air and facility management to food prep and safety, our customers benefit from multiple cooperative contracts - agreements between two or more government entities for simplified, competitive procurement processes. These include Sourcewell, OMNIA Partners & GSA on a national level as well as numerous state and local authorities across the United States. We ensure that our clients receive access to exceptional goods at unbeatable prices with minimum bureaucracy!

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